Deadly Deceptions

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Anonymous asked:
you're fat-phobic as fuck which is funny considering you're very much on the chunky side. And you make fun of fat-chick boobs when you don't even have boobs!? The only thing worse than a fat girl having fat-girl boobs is a fat girl having NO boobs. Lmao you're dumb and, tbh, fuckin useless

Funny cause I’m not big at all.💋

It’s totally different when fat bitches tag about skinny girls isn’t it. That’s acceptable.

Stupid fat privilege.

Anonymous asked:
Seriously? Tagging fat girl hate? Unfollowed

Bye fatty.

Sick of fat girls telling me there’s no point me getting my breast surgery because “no one cares about their big boobs” guess what noone cares cause you’re fat and boobs don’t count when you’re fat.
Fuck off.


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