Deadly Deceptions

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Wanted to surprise Irish guy with a picnic on Saturday but it’s going to rain and now I don’t know what to do. :(

And they say romance is dead

And they say romance is dead

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Texts that make your stomach feel funny. ☺️☺️

This happened yesterday.

This happened yesterday.

Want my hair cutting and colouring like this.    Yes/No??

Want my hair cutting and colouring like this.

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Anonymous asked:
Sucks that it's people you like saying it! Ignore them though you shouldn't feel bad about dating, it's a normal part of life and your hot. Of course people will want to you

It’s only banter, but it’s been annoying me. Ha thank you. :)

Anonymous asked:
How would you suggest I could make money for boobs? You seemed to save so quickly and I major want new boobies. I can't find a well paying job! :'((

I saved for a long time. I sold loads of my shit and gave up everything that cost me money so I could put it away. My entire food shop budget for a week was £5!

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