Deadly Deceptions
Anonymous asked:
People calling you a slut is a total joke. Who the fuck cares how many men your dating, as long as your happy!

Thanks, I am really happy. It’s nice to have some attention!

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You look amazing. Date me! That is if you'd date a girl ;-)


Anonymous asked:
Ignore the hate, they're just unhappy with thee own lives so trying to make you feel bad about yours! It's sad really.

Thank you, it’s difficult when it’s people I like saying it though!

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Fall in love with someone who treats you like kanye treats kanye

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People are just jealous of you. Ignore them. You're the kinda girl who goes out and grabs life by the balls and more people need to be like that. I say date more men!

I like how you think!

when I was a kid I thought your 20’s were supposed to be fun, not filled with perpetual anxiety about financial stability and constantly feeling like an unaccomplished piece of shit

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Morning snuggles with my one true love. ❤️🐕

Morning snuggles with my one true love. ❤️🐕

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